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Vote Team Tustin For Your Tustin City Council 2020
Together We Can Make a Difference

We are running for Tustin City Council as a team because, as a team, we can better represent you and the needs of your community. We have a deep love for our community of Tustin and with your help and support, we believe we can make Tustin much better. We are businessmen and community volunteers, not career politicians. We view our “team” position on Tustin City Council as an extension of our service to your community. You may see us at many charity events throughout the city and we will always be available for your advice!

Supporting Our Local Businesses
The number of businesses in Tustin has been decreasing every year for well over a decade and for too long we have had too many vacant lots and buildings. We will focus on bringing in new business into the city while ensuring our current businesses have the ability to thrive and grow. We will strive to find innovative ways to keep our businesses affected by COVID-19 open and thriving. (video)
City Fiscal Responsibility
In recent years the city has run and is operating fiscal deficits. We will work hard on your behalf to remove wasted money and increase revenue without placing additional burden on taxpayers by attracting new businesses through a “business friendly” city atmosphere along with incentives and keeping our community safe by supporting the our very competent and professional Tustin Police.
Veterans Remembrance
Tustin is home to war veterans of all the foreign wars since WW2, many of whom have died for our country. The building on Prospect and 1st Street for the Tustin Veterans War Memorial has been donated to the city, but nothing has been done. We will work with the city to develop this into the memorial it should be.
Supporting Our Restaurants
We can do more to help our struggling restaurants throughout Tustin. We will step the plans for more outdoor eating and safe arrangements to allow for more patrons. Most research suggests a resurgence of COVID-19 as winter approaches. We will continue to seek innovative approaches to keep our Tustin restaurants open.

Both of our families have and are raising our children in the Tustin school system and Kurt graduated from Tustin High. We are strong supporters of Tustin’s Public Schools system. We will work to enhance the relationship between the city and TUSD, finding common ground to work together for the benefit of our Tustin students.

Community Volunteerism
The city of Tustin has over 100 charities, we participate over 20 of these throughout the year. We will create better support structure, exposure and coordination to improve the delivery of these services which they provide to our local residents.

Public Safety
Your Public Safety is paramount to maintaining our hometown community trust. We support our local Tustin police we will make sure they have the resources, staff and tools necessary while staying proactive in creating a stronger police and community relationship.

Parking is a continual problem in Tustin. We will work hard with the community and the Tustin apartment association to find solutions and improve this problem.

Preserving Our Community Heritage
Our city of Tustin has a rich history and a strong sense of community. We are committed to nurturing the historical charm of Tustin while making improvements that preserve Tustin’s hometown charm.  

Tustin’s Parks
Tustin parks are a haven for young and old alike. We will focus on cleaning up our older parks and adding facilities for young adults.
Veterans Support
Tustin has established veteran housing. We will continue to develop our Tustin community support net to see that no veteran is left in the cold.

Photos of Team Tustin
Vote Kurt Bensworth & James Perez For Tustin City Council 2020

James Perez Barry Cooper Tustin City Council 2020 Tustin Police
Perez and Bensworth for you Tustin City council
Kurt Bensworth Tustin City Council 20202

Paid For By Team Tustin 2020 | 740 El Camino Real #201, Tustin, CA 92780 | James Perez Campaign ID: 1426330 | Kurt Bensworth Campaign ID: 1426213